Birmingham's Finest Imported, Handmade Rugs at King's House

Kings House Oriental Rugs has been in the Pepper Place area over two years, but has been an active part of the Birmingham Oriental Rug market for over 36.    At King's house you'll find a huge array of hand-made rugs selling at just about every price point.  

The rugs in owner Christin Terrell's shop are just plain cool. They come from all over the world, including places such as Turkey, Iran, India, China, Pakistan, Napol….and the list goes on.  

What makes the difference between a $500 rug and a $150,000 rug?  Terrell says, “The price of a rug depends on two things: the age of the rug, as well as the condition of the rug”.  As time goes by it becomes more and more unlikely that you find a quality rug that was made hundreds of years ago. That’s why these rugs are in such high demand – they’re rare!

How do you know how old a rug is?  Being in the the rug business her whole life, this rug connoisseur can tell when, and even where, a rug was made simply by looking at the weave and colors on the rug, but the problem is “a 200 year-old rug doesn’t come with paperwork” so determining the age of some antique rugs could require an expert eye.

How long does it take to make these rugs?   A room-sized rug could take 4+ months to make, and that’s with multiple weavers working multiple shifts!  The time and skill put into a traditional hand-made rug is unique to the industry and something which cannot be replicated by machine.

The Kings House Oriental Rugs is located in the heart of Pepper Place, around the corner from our friends at Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Gallery. Whether you’re a buyer of eccentric decoration or you’re just looking for something elegant for the living room – The Kings House has something for you.