Charlie Thigpen's Garden Gallery: Birmingham's Retail Garden Shop

A common trend seen amoung the Pepper Place tenants is that Every single person who owns a business here is extremely passionate about what they do.   This trend is further confirmed when speaking with Charlie Thigpen, garden enthusiast and owner of Charlie Thigpen's Garden Gallery -  a retail garden boutique specializing in unique garden items.

Charlie and his wife Cindy (as well as their Labrador Chaz) opened the Garden Galley in December 2009, and since have turned their little slice of Pepper Place into a garden of Eden for all to enjoy.

Charlie says that gardening, to him, is all about creating a wonderful environment. His gardening style is unconventional and “very anti cookie-cutter”. This is quite obvious if you take a look around at his shop. You’ll see hundreds of flowers and veggies all growing together in a way that just works.   Charlie specializes in container gardening, meaning he loves to utilize various containers to give his garden designs some flare. These containers range in size from your normal potted plant, to enormous one-ton planters.

You could literally spend hours walking around Charlie’s garden looking at the various natural creations. However, if you want the tools to do it yourself, you’ll need to go inside. Once inside his store you’ll soon find yourself overwhelmed with all the cool stuff around you.  Fire Pots ($17-$95) are one of the shop’s best selling items. You will also find planters, hanging baskets, seeds & cuttings, and many other garden related items.

In conclusion, you’ve got to go down and visit the Charlie’s Garden Gallery at Pepper Place. All the pictures in the world couldn’t accurately show you how beautiful the garden really is. Nor could this article begin to delve into the enormous amount of unique garden items Charlie has in stock. Pepper Place is so much more than a Farmers Market. The Garden Gallery is one of those shops that makes the Pepper Place area an amazing place to visit regardless of whether it is Saturday morning or Wednesday evening (or any other time).

Oh, and yes, this is the Charlie Thigpen that wrote for Southern Living for 29 years -  He knows his stuff!

P.S. Don’t let Charlie talk you in to trying the Ghost Peppers!