Heidi Elnora's Bride By Design TV Trailer

We are counting down the days to the premier of Heidi Elnora's reality show, "Bride By Design," and this TV trailer has us even more excited! 

As we near the premier date of "Bride By Design" TLC has began posting articles on the show.  

Here's what TLC has to say about the much anticipated realty show:

"Designer Heidi Elnora wants every bride to feel like one-of-a-kind on her wedding day. At Heidi's Alabama boutique, cookie-cutter gowns are nowhere to be found as brides clamor for Heidi's custom designs and her very own Build A Bride collection.

Each week Heidi and her dedicated staff will turn their personalized attention and Southern charm to the task of creating wedding gowns as unique as the brides wearing them."

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