Pepper Place Mentioned in National Geographic Traveler Magazine

Ona's Music Room & Vittoria Mentioned in "National Geographic Traveler"

In the  August/September 2014 issue of "Nation Geographic Traveler," Bruce Schoenfeld, a writer for the publication, shares his thoughts on Birmingham and tells about his experience while visiting the Magic City.  The article highlights Pepper Place mentioning Ona's Music Room and Vittoria.  The district is commended for being comprised of local businesses versus national chains, while Ona's is credited for bringing amazing music to Birmingham and drawing an "eclectic crowd."  This portion of the article is provided below.

"One night Mowbray drives me to Ona’s Music Room. It’s part of a commercial complex in a renovated Dr. Pepper plant, the kind of repurposed development that’s usually home to the same national chains as any shopping mall. Here, though, there are local boutiques, small businesses—and Vittoria, a new Italian salumeria that cures its own charcuterie. When we arrive at Ona’s, a jazz quintet is playing for an audience of young and old, well-dressed and grungy, attentive and distracted. 'You probably don’t think of Birmingham this way,' Mowbray says, 'but some of the music that passes through is amazing. And the crowds that go hear it are as eclectic as you can get.' I see his point."

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