There’s a lot going on at Pepper Place over the next few weeks. Be sure to mark you calendar so you don’t miss out!

March 21 
Hop City – Redstone Meadery Tasting, 5-7 pm (free)

March 21 – April 7 
Terrific New Theatre presents the comedy “Morningside”
Performed Thursdays through Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2:30pm

March 22 
Hop City – Straight to Ale Beer Release, 5-7 pm (free)

March 23 
Hop City – Rose on the Patio, 2-4 pm (free)

March 26 
Hop City – Sushi Class, 6-8pm ($40 online), Sake Tasting, 5-7pm (free)

March 28 
Hop City – Spring Wines with Amy, 5-7pm (free)

March 29 
Hop City – Mantra Beer Tasting, 5-7pm

April 7 
Hop City – Wine Dinner, details TBA

April 9 
The Lumbar – Discoveries in the Making, 6-7pm; if Bill Nye & TedX planned a happy hour it would go something like this. Join UAB Graduate School for Discoveries in the Making, where you’ll hear from two PhD students as they bring the cliff-notes version of their research to the community.

April 13  
The Market at Pepper Place – outdoor market kicks off

Dine At Hot and Hot
Dine at OvenBird