Rave Reviews for B3

Reservations are backing up and people coming from all around to see what Chef Dean Robb has cooking in Pepper Place’s newest restaurant. This excellent write-up from StyleBlueprint Birmingham puts these delightful upscale Southern dishes on display and gives some insight as to what all the hubbub is about.

From StyleBlueprint:

Although the restaurant has only been open for a few months, Dean says business has been good — and he’s been humbled by the positive reception Blueprint on 3rd has received so far. Because Birmingham is already brimming with premier restaurants, Blueprint on 3rd has a heavy torch to bear. But, it’s one Dean has been working his entire career to carry. And given his track record, it’s safe to say the space will become a go-to spot for locals.

“Even back in the ’80s, when I wanted to study food, I’d come to Birmingham,” Dean says. “I’m glad to be here, and I’m glad to be doing this kind of food again.”

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